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Reading the world: Ann Morgan's amazing project

Scanning my music, book and screen collections recently, I made the rather depressing discovery that they contain very little that is not of English-speaking origin. This hasn't always been the case; in the past I regularly listened to world music, watched foreign films and read authors from many cultures. Yet somehow in the last few years the scope has become narrower, and the realisation shocked and saddened me. 

So I was intrigued to see a TED talk by Ann Morgan who, making a similar discovery to mine, decided to do something about it. She set herself the challenge of reading a book from every country in the world, within one year. Her talk is inspiring not just for her intrepid intellectual adventure, but for the ways in which it allowed her to connect with people all across the planet. Her website details her literary travels, and includes ongoing book of the month recommendations. She has also written a book called Reading the World. 

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