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Paper Artists

There's more to paper craft these days than whipping up a few origami animals. Some artists and crafters use the medium to design the most astonishing pieces; click on their names to be transported to their inspiring web pages.

Based in Spain, Ana Hagopian creates stunning paper jewellery, inspired by nature. 


Nikki Nye and Amy Flurry work together under the banner of paper-cut-project. They produce flamboyant headpieces, often for fashion shows and exhibitions. 


I'm particularly taken with Papier a Etres lamps, but really, everything on their website is gorgeous.


Jeffrey Nishinaka creates detailed paper sculptures with a wide range of subjects. 


I'm not a fan of fake flowers as a general rule, but I would gleefully make an exception for Jude Miller's intricate crepe paper masterpieces. 


Jum Nakao is a Brazilian paper artist who creates stunning clothes from paper. No good in a storm, I suspect. 


Feeling inspired? Francesco Mugnai has collected a terrific range of DIY papercraft ideas here.

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