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Mystery plants

I've been enjoying a lovely herbal tea from my garden this week. What kind of herb? Well now, that is an interesting question. I'm not entirely sure. I planted it months ago, and didn't put the little label in the ground near it, and although I was sure I would remember what it is, I have just as surely forgotten. I think it is some sort of a bergamot. Maybe an orange bergamot. Or maybe it's an orange hyssop. Or a bergamot hyssop.

I stopped putting the labels in the dirt beside the plant once I noticed their uncanny resemblance to tombstones. Walking through the garden, I would be taunted by these pointed reminders of my horticultural ineptitude. 'Here lies the remains of Pineapple Sage, cruelly neglected'. 'RIP Rose Geranium, tragic victim of white scale'.  

I tried putting the labels into a photo album, keeping a diary and sketching maps, but in each case the fatalities and disappearances occurred at such a frequent rate that they were soon irrelevant. So it's time to go back to plant labels. But this time I'm thinking cute, funky, resourceful, quirky and eco-friendly. Like the ones on this terrific website Housing a Forest.

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