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Magazines: A new Golden Age?

Many would have predicted that the internet would kill magazines. After all, with an unprecedented amount of information at your fingertips, why would you drag yourself to the shops and fork out good money for a paper mag? Well, for two very good reasons: 

Firstly, laptops and tablets simply can't match the sensory quality of handling a really beautiful magazine. The new crop of magazines realise this and are focusing on quality production: thick, smooth paper, gorgeous photos and an appealing lay-out.

Secondly, when faced with overwhelming choice it can be quite a relief to have someone curate material for you. There is something both exciting and relaxing about cracking open a fresh magazine and exploring the delights it offers up. 

Most women's magazines leave me with a lingering feeling of inadequacy: the ones listed below leave me feeling inspired, creative and perfectly fine as I am. As luck would have it, they all have pretty great websites and blogs as well. 

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