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Growing food from scraps

Several years ago I stuck the top of a pineapple into the ground, and lo and behold, it actually grew! And this week we proudly picked our first home-grown pineapple. It was only the size of a large orange, but it was sweet and delicious. Here is our baby, just before harvesting... 

This isn't the first time we have produced food from what would otherwise have been destined for the bin. Potatoes and sweet potatoes that have sprouted after too long in the cupboard have been shoved into the garden, and months later have yielded new produce. Similarly, onions and garlic that have put up green shoots have been planted, with the green leaves used in recipes as a milder version of their adult form. And many is the time that I have had pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicum plants spring up from seeds in the compost. It's recycling at its very best! 

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