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Garden sculpture

A flick through a copy of Country Life magazine provoked some pretty serious garden-envy recently. 

Andrew Kay makes striking metal animal sculptures. I'm considering trying something similar with the bamboo that is growing vigorously in our garden. See his website here.

River Heron

Paul Vanstone creates exquisite stone scuptures. See more here.

Rise and Fall
Standing Orator

Having been driven almost mad by trying to bend chicken wire to my will in the garden, I am filled with admiration for Rupert Till's wire sculptures. See more here. 


Cavendish Stone produce magnificent traditional pieces; you can see more here

The Empire Lions
The Armillary Sphere with Dolphin

And of course some sculptures can be functional as well, like these birdbaths and bird feeders.


Do you possess or covet any beautiful garden sculptures? 

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