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The joy of a dinner gong

Image: www.antiquesnavigator.com

A dinner gong can enhance your life in several ways:

1. It is much more elegant than screeching 'dinner's ready!' from the kitchen

2. It feels a little bit fancy, in a Downton Abbey sort of way

3. There is something strangely satisfying about bashing a piece of metal to create a lovely sound

4. It can be used to reward children who set the table (see point 3)

Ours is an impressive piece, 50cm in diameter and made of an old ammunition cartridge. We bought it in Vietnam years ago as a gift for my husband's parents, lugging it around on motorbikes, buses and planes for weeks (could we not have bought them a tea-towel?!) When they downsized recently, it found a home with us, and has become a cherished household item. 

Luckily the magic of the internet allows you to acquire a very fine gong without leaving the comfort of your home. I'd love to hear about what you find!

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