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By: Kate | November 07, 2015

If I lived in London I'd be regularly trotting off to the National Theatre to see some of the world's best actors in some of the world's best plays. But I don't. Luckily, the National Theatre has found it in the goodness of their heart (or the interests of their finances) to broadcast their productions in cinemas around the world. I've just returned from viewing Benedict Cumberbatch's Hamlet, and by golly, what a treat it was! Although it doesn't give quite the same immediacy and 'oh my goodness, this is being created before my very eyes!' effect as being at a live performance, it still provides a chance to see top-notch performances without the eye-watering expense of an overseas trip.


Apparently they are now screening in more than 1100 ve...

Category: Screen 

Tags: Theatre Shakespeare 

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