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By: Kate | June 01, 2016

For many years it has been my mission to spread this recipe to as many people as possible. It began life in a humble school fund-raising cookbook as an apple cake. My clever Nan soon adapted it to a chocolate cake. I shared the recipe with my friends, who started coming back saying "I made this with pear instead" or "I tried this with orange and rosewater." As its fan base has grown, so has the list of variations. 


The recipe below is for a ring-shaped cake, but I also make it as cupcakes or muffins, as a flat dessert cake in a quiche dish, and double it for a large birthday cake. Several variations are delicious served as a hot dessert with cream or custard. It be transformed into healthy-ish lunchbox treats by substi...

Category: Food and drinks 

Tags: Simplicity Cake 

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