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By: Kate | September 23, 2015

Eight years after it was planted my olive tree finally produced flowers this week. Eight years! What kind of sucker waits eight years for olives?

Some of you will remember when waiting was integral to everyday life. We waited until we'd saved up to get the shoes we loved. We waited for our favourite movie to appear on TV. We waited in queues to withdraw money from the bank. We waited at home in case our prospective sweetheart rang.

Thankfully modern life spares us these inconveniences. Waiting is for losers.

And yet....remember how exciting it was to finally get those shoes? To see that movie? To get that phone call? The waiting added value and appreciation in a way that nothing else could.

Gardening demands patience but it also rewards it. It ...

Category: Garden 

Tags: Patience Garden Olives 

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