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By: Kate | November 01, 2015

Have you ever opened a Pandora's Box, suspected a Trojan Horse or been struck by Cupid's arrow? Or have you tempted Fate, been visited by your Muse or lured in by a Siren song? Have you made a Herculean effort, been on an Odyssey or wished you had the Midas touch?

The stories of Greek mythology were first recorded around 3000 years ago, and they are so entertaining that people have been re-telling them ever since. When the ancient Roman empire extended to cover Greece, the Romans adopted and adapted the Greek stories, bestowing the character names which we most easily recognise today. Aphrodite became Venus, Eros became Cupid, Ares became Mars, and so on. The stories have also inspired other writers throughout history. Pyramus and Thisbe gav...

Category: Writing 

Tags: Mythology 

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