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By: Kate | June 04, 2016

After more than 10 years working in the field of mental illness and addiction, I have become absolutely evangelical about the therapeutic benefits of a good hobby. Time and time again I have watched people who have struggled for years begin to flourish as they find an interest that brings joy and purpose to their life.


I am a particular fan of the quirky hobby. A few years ago, in my late thirties, I took up Renaissance fencing. This means that a few times a week I dress up in a floaty white shirt and pantaloons, and play with really big, ornate swords. It provides a great form of exercise, terrific mental stimulation and social connection. 


Any hobby can provide a range of benefits, but I found there are a few bonuses to having a quirky ho...

Category: Cultivating a good life 

Tags: Hobbies 

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