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By: Kate | November 14, 2015

Oh joyful day when you stumble across your perfect dress! The multitude of choice in fashion today often means wading through an awful lot of 'not quite right' and 'oh my God, absolutely not!' options before you find what you want. Which just makes the victory even sweeter when it finally occurs.

What makes for a perfect dress? Well, everyone's list will be different but here is mine:

  • it fits like it was made for me and flatters my body shape
  • it is comfortable and allows me to move freely
  • the fabric is lovely.
  • The colour(s) are flattering
  • It covers my knees (seriously, no one is happier for seeing my knees)
  • It can go anywhere - out at night dressed up with heels, to work with sensible court shoes, to a cafe with flats or the supermarket with sanda...

Category: Style 

Tags: Fashion 

By: Kate | November 09, 2015

Some people have a knack for getting dressed. Others just don't. Sadly, this is the category I belong to. My sister could seemingly throw on any old clothes and look great. I could spend hours styling my outfit and still look like a dork.


"Just have fun with it!" squeal the fashion-literate. But to the sartorially-challenged choosing an outfit doesn't feel like 'fun'. It feels like a scary exam that you haven't studied for. Or else it just feels like a boring chore. 

"Just don't care about what you wear", shrug others. Now, some people really, truly don't care about their appearance. However most of us are self-conscious enough to want to avoid standing out for the wrong reasons, or have enough vanity to want to look reas...

Category: Style 

Tags: Fashion 

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