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By: Kate | March 27, 2016

Victory! Our first home-grown avocado. We planted two avocado trees around 10 years ago, and for the past 5 years we have had the promise of a good crop but no final result. Much of the blame is mine; every year I tell myself that this year I will net the flowers to prevent them being devoured by voracious possums...and yet never seem to get around to it (a common Delusion of Gardener). Last year we actually had quite a number of large fruit on the tree, and in a burst of enthusiasm my husband harvested the lot in one swoop. We watched, heart-broken, as they shrivelled rather then ripened on the kitchen bench. This year we decided not to repeat this mistake, so rather than watch the entire crop shrivel in one go, we watched them shrivel on...

Category: Garden 

Tags: Avocado Mango 

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