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By: Kate | September 26, 2015

One of the things I love about gardening is the sense of abundance that it can provide. When a bumper crop provides well beyond your own needs it creates a glorious opportunity to share the delights freely with those around you. 

We are the proud possessors of the most enormous rosemary bush I have ever seen. Rosemary has a reputation of being slow-growing, but ours had reached 2 metres within 2 years. It grows outside our front gate, and many a time I have caught a passer-by snapping off a branch, bursting into apology when they spot me. "No, please, take as much as you want, anytime!" I cheerfully reply. I love the idea that we are enhancing the roast lamb dinners of the entire suburb. 

Our other star performers are our mulberry t...

Category: Garden 

Tags: Abundance Mulberries 

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