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By: Kate | March 03, 2016


If you really want to get the most out this book, just jump in and read it. Don't ask your friends if they have read it, don't google it or read reviews. Perhaps even avoid the blurb on the back cover. In short, take every possible precaution against discovering the big plot twist which gives the book both its intellectual interest and its emotional punch. 

Avoiding spoilers makes it difficult to say much about the book, beyond the fact that it is a family story with a difference. The narrator is wry and self-deprecating, while all the time delivering bang-on observations of human behaviour, relationships and life in general. It raises a whole host of philosophical and ethical dilemmas, without ever becoming dogmatic or preachy. Oh, and you might like to have some tissues ready for the ending.  

The author, Karen Joy Fowler, also wrote The Jane Austen Book Club. We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves won the 2014 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction and was short-listed for the 2014 Man Booker Prize. 


Category: Books 

Tags: Fiction Family 


Amis Martin

Posted on : June 26, 2018

no Nai Machi ni Kane ga Naru Toki</a></b>
with latest chapter. Mitozu - a small town lost in the mountains,
population 6000. Every evening at 6 heavy bell tolls start resounding
down the streets. Everybody knows that after the bell sounded you must
not go out until the Sun rises again. But one day this law is broken by
an ignorant outsider who just returned home after 10 years in Tokyo and
the horrible apparition known only as Myoudo-sama has finally found a
victim to prey

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