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By: Kate | November 09, 2015

Some people have a knack for getting dressed. Others just don't. Sadly, this is the category I belong to. My sister could seemingly throw on any old clothes and look great. I could spend hours styling my outfit and still look like a dork.


"Just have fun with it!" squeal the fashion-literate. But to the sartorially-challenged choosing an outfit doesn't feel like 'fun'. It feels like a scary exam that you haven't studied for. Or else it just feels like a boring chore. 

"Just don't care about what you wear", shrug others. Now, some people really, truly don't care about their appearance. However most of us are self-conscious enough to want to avoid standing out for the wrong reasons, or have enough vanity to want to look reasonable. 

No, what we sartorially-challenged souls need are strategies that help us to get ready with a minimum of stress; that see us step out of the door feeling confident; that allow us to forget about what we are wearing so we can focus on the things that really matter to us. For my fellow sufferers I have listed some tricks that work for me here.  

Category: Style 

Tags: Fashion 


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