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By: Kate | July 17, 2016

Doona Days come in two very different forms.

The first is the type where you stay in bed all day because you simply can not face the prospect of getting up – the days where the stress or anxiety or depression or apathy become so overwhelming that you simply can not summon the energy to overcome them. The response is to pull the doona over your head and lie there, either buffeted by a whirlwind of existential anguish or sinking into the black emptiness of despair. These are truly awful days, frightening, interminable and soul-destroying.


But there is a second kind of Doona Day. These are the days when you give yourself permission to stay in bed all day, because you are tired or because you have been working hard and deserve a break. These are...

By: Kate | June 19, 2016

Regardless of your financial position, there are many good reasons for reducing your expenses. Here's my top three: 

1. You never know what's around the corner. Illness and injury can strike anyone at anytime, and job security is a myth. Having at least 3 months of living expenses tucked away gives you some breathing space to deal with the unexpected, and the ability to walk away from toxic jobs or relationships (dubbed the 'F*#@ You Fund' by one budget expert).


2. We are drowning in stuff. Over-consumption is bad for the planet, and clutter is bad for our mental health.


3. It encourages more considered, meaningful expenditure. There is a big difference between cultivating valued possessions and just buying stuff. 

The internet is full of web...

By: Kate | June 04, 2016

After more than 10 years working in the field of mental illness and addiction, I have become absolutely evangelical about the therapeutic benefits of a good hobby. Time and time again I have watched people who have struggled for years begin to flourish as they find an interest that brings joy and purpose to their life.


I am a particular fan of the quirky hobby. A few years ago, in my late thirties, I took up Renaissance fencing. This means that a few times a week I dress up in a floaty white shirt and pantaloons, and play with really big, ornate swords. It provides a great form of exercise, terrific mental stimulation and social connection. 


Any hobby can provide a range of benefits, but I found there are a few bonuses to having a quirky ho...

Category: Cultivating a good life 

Tags: Hobbies 

By: Kate | May 31, 2016

 Type ‘mindfulness’ into a search engine and you will probably be greeted with images like this…

By: Kate | May 25, 2016

A cocktail glass has a finite capacity;  there is only so much that it can contain. In the same way, our days contain a finite amount of time. As such, we have to make clear decisions about what we fill them with.


The success of a cocktail does not lie in the number of ingredients. Rather, it relies on getting the proportions right. Similarly, time management can benefit from categorising activities into a few general groups and aiming for the most satisfying mix overall.


A champagne cocktail has only four ingredients, which can act as a metaphor for different types of activities in our life.



Champagne forms the bulk of the cocktail, and so represents the high importance  / high satisfaction activities that you want to be filling y...

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