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The Luxury of Abundance

One of the things I love about gardening is the sense of abundance that it can provide. When a bumper crop provides well beyond your own needs it creates a glorious opportunity to share the delights freely with those around you. 

We are the proud possessors of the most enormous rosemary bush I have ever seen. Rosemary has a reputation of being slow-growing, but ours had reached 2 metres within 2 years. It grows outside our front gate, and many a time I have caught a passer-by snapping off a branch, bursting into apology when they spot me. "No, please, take as much as you want, anytime!" I cheerfully reply. I love the idea that we are enhancing the roast lamb dinners of the entire suburb. 

Our other star performers are our mulberry trees. A few years ago, my husband lost his temper while pruning one and chopped it to the ground. The next year it burst back into life, and within three years had topped 8 metres, covered with leaves the size of dinner plates and fruit the size of my thumb. "Darling, you just can't argue with growth like that", I told him. Needless to say, he is no longer allowed to prune unsupervised.

We also have a dwarf mulberry, which this year has produced an astonishing amount of fruit, more than enough to feed us, our friends, passing neighbourhood children, the birds and possums.

If you live in a mulberry-friendly area, they are plants worth considering. Ours have powered on through both excessively dry and excessively wet seasons, and have been virtually untroubled by pests. The fruit is exquisite, and it crops over many weeks. The only downside is their habit of dropping leaves in autumn and fruit in spring. Getting to our letterbox at the moment requires tricky traipsing through a maze of dropped berries. But oh, it is worth it! 

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